How to Build an Authentic Online Presence for Your Brand

Authenticity never goes out of style. It might not be the latest business trend, but it is still timeless. This is true in the real world, as well as online. People are smart. They see through a lot of the greenwashing and soul-less pandering companies engage in to win over customers.

I’ve spoken with marketing clients in the past who dislike social media, and I can understand why they feel this way. For a business, social media can feel at best like another line item on the to-do list, and at worst a total sham.

I want to make the argument that social media for businesses doesn’t have to feel cringy or complex; it is possible to showcase your brand or service in an authentic manner. The last thing customers want is fake, so as a business I encourage you to make content that is transparent and real to your brand.

Here are three easy methods to get the ideas flowing:

  1. Use your brand’s personality to showcase your products, service or location. This means your content doesn’t need to be perfect, just real. The people who love your brand will appreciate this type of engagement so much more than a generic ad every time.
  2. Speak in YOUR brand voice. Write the same way you would speak to a customer face to face.
  3. Engage. Engage with every comment, every DM, every point of contact with a customer that lets your business make a connection.

Food for thought when it comes to creating authentic online presence: Treat viewers and followers the same way you would treat someone who comes up to your front counter or who emails you – be welcoming, engage, and build connections. Your customers will love you for it.

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