Small Business Saturday Marketing Ideas

Small Business Saturday is coming up! Here are three ideas for how to talk about your small business on your social media during the week of Thanksgiving, to help build momentum for Small Business Saturday.

1. Run a special – NOT a discount

It is better to offer a bonus item than to offer a discount. This is due to how the human brain works – people will value your products more if you offer them a bonus item or a two-for-one offer rather than taking money off of your standard price. You also want to be careful not to train shoppers for discounts. This isn’t to say that discounting is bad or an absolute no-go. Just consider your overall business strategy and how discounting fits in. If you’d like to avoid discounting, offering a limited time offer or bonus item is another way to go.

2. Show behind the scenes or the history of your brand

Do a couple posts or videos of behind the scenes with your process to show people the passion and love that goes into your small business. Or, share the history of your business and the inspiration behind why you do what you do. Sharing the mission of your brand helps customers feel the human element and feel a connection with your business, beyond the great product or service you offer.

We tend to shop not only for products that we need, but with brands we identify with. Giving customers a chance to identify with your brand is a way to build authentic connection and keep customers returning and referring your business.

3. Show how customers impact your brand when they buy from you

Share a reel (or post) about the impact a customer has by buying from your business. So often we don’t see the human element of what goes into the hard work of operating a business. Sharing that excitement of a sale in your own words is a great way to educate your fans about how shopping local (from you) makes a difference in the world.

What else would you add to this list? How will you be connecting with customers during the Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday rush?

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