Organic Marketing Ideas for Small Business

Organic marketing is marketing that doesn’t cost a direct output of money.

There are many effective ways to market without spending money, you just need to find the ones that work well for your brand or business.

Here are some of my favorites. I’ve used many over the years, and others I’ve gleaned from other successful small businesses and entrepreneurs.

1. Create attractive profiles on review sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor (check your area to look for local directories and review sites.)

2. Partner with micro-influencers. Partner with up and coming influencers who are interested in trading a post for a service or a product.

3. Post consistently on social media. Build an online presence with consistent posting. This helps customers see that your business is up and running, and that they can easily connect with you online.

4. Build your email list. You can do this for free, or use a paid service. Collect email addresses from customers who want to stay in touch, and send offers and reminders to their inboxes.

5. Start a free Google My Business page. Creating an account is free! Get found easier by people Googling businesses in your area / industry like yours.

6. Set up Instagram and Facebook shops to give customers another avenue to purchase from you.

7. Offer referral bonuses. Ask current customers or clients to refer your business. Word of mouth referral can be very effective.

What do you think of these organic marketing strategies? Are there others you would add to the list?

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