Organic Marketing: Building Connections with Your Audience

Building audience connection 101. When it comes to engaging with potential customers through social media, authenticity always shines through. Here are three ways you can build connections through your brand’s platforms.

1. Speak in your brand voice

This does 2 things. First, it helps you avoid confusing your audience. Second, it helps customers understand your brand personality. Speak as your brand, or the company founder, or the product, but try not to confuse your audience about who they are speaking with.

Example: Chips Ahoy’s brand voice is much different than Olay’s. It would be a bit confusing if they switched tones and Olay was suddenly goofy and energetic rather than their normal relaxed tone.

2. Post content that your customers care about, and provide value

The world is full of content. Give your online audience real content they will want to engage with repeatedly. This might be sharing industry tips, answering commonly asked questions, or sharing favorite ways to use your product.

Tips to create value:

Visit to see what common questions are being asked in your industry.

Keep a running list of common questions people ask you about your industry or product.

3. Engage with people who comment, share, and repost your content

Whenever someone takes the time to engage with your brand, use the opportunity to build a connection! It doesn’t really matter if they buy something because interacting online shouldn’t be strictly transactional. By connecting with followers, you’re building a brand legacy of caring, rather than waiting until someone buys something to show appreciation. This feels much more authentic.

Added bonus: People who are able to connect with you will also feel a connection to your brand, generating future sales.

Final note: Take the time to invest in your brand’s presence online. Similar to watering a seed, interactions act as a way to build connection and brand loyalty.

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