Let’s Do a Digital Clear Out

We clean our homes, but what about the build-up and clutter of our digital presence? Consider clearing out all the build-up from documents, photos and random files on your devices, and you’ll find you have more room for inspiration (or at least I did). Follow this guide to maximize your time and clear out the old to ring in the new!

Instagram and Facebook

Unfollow negative accounts, accounts you’re no longer interested in and accounts that just plain make you feel bad about yourself. What you’ll be left with is an inspirational and uplifting social media feed for your browsing pleasure. Take this approach with other platforms.

Spotify & Music Streaming

Clear random or old playlists from your library so you can find the music you love easily.

iCloud, Google Storage & Cloud Storage Sites

Clear out old photos, videos, files, documents, and power points. Why buy additional cloud storage when you can simply create space? You can also purchase an external hard drive to back up cherished memories and free up more storage space. I started with the files that took up the most space (photos and videos for me) and whittled it down from there.

Email Accounts

This is likely the least fun and the most time-consuming (it was for me) part to declutter, yet it is very rewarding when you reach zero on your inbox. Unsubscribe from email lists from newsletters and businesses you no longer use. I also unsubscribed from email lists of online stores that cause me to purchase things mindlessly. Commit to keeping an empty inbox moving forward.

Laptop & Desktop

Wipe old files, images, videos, documents, power points, excel files, and old bookmarks. Arrange your computer exactly the way you like it so it’s a joy, not a pain, to log onto your computer. I did the same with my cellphone and cleared out a lot of storage I didn’t realize I was using on duplicate files.

Completed your digital clear out? I found this process relaxing and refreshing, let me know how it was for you!

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