3 Social Media Mistakes That Cost You Sales

And what you can do to correct each mistake

There is no denying social media can be a powerful marketing tool for businesses of any size. If you’re posting on your brand’s pages without seeing engagement or results, it might be time to reconsider your strategy. Here are 3 common issues I see with business pages, and how I would fix each one.

01. You post without any plan

You don’t need an elaborate schedule of posts when you hop online. It is helpful to post content with a purpose, though!

Your content should entertain or educate your audience. If you are posting photos without sharing relevant information there is a good chance your content is getting lost in your followers newsfeed, or worse, not showing up at all. Consider who your audience is and what they would find entertaining and enlightening. Then, post content that meets those priorities.

02. You don’t comment or message people back

I don’t know why it is SO common for brands not to respond to followers, but I have messaged many business accounts with questions and gotten no response. The big takeaway: Don’t ghost your customers! They’re less likely to return.

In the same way you wouldn’t leave someone standing at your front counter, you shouldn’t leave them talking to themselves in your inbox. You can fix this by setting a time limit for returning comments and sticking to this timeframe. This consistency builds brand trust and engagement.

Check out by blog post on Building Connection with Your Audience for other ways to build trust and grow your marketing organically.

03. No one can find your social media

If you’re working hard on your social media posts, make sure customers can find you! This means ensuring your social profiles are visible on your website and in your business. If you have any duplicate social media accounts try and erase extras or merge them together.

Use this checklist to maximize your brand’s visibility

Here is a checklist to run through to make sure people know you’re online and ready to engage.

Make sure your social media handles (aka social media names) are visible in the following places:

  • Your website (check to ensure the links work correctly)
  • Somewhere highly visible in your physical store location (signage, front door)
  • Any business cards, menus or receipts that will remind customers to follow you
  • Packaging or receipts for online sales

Little fixes that make your social handles stand out:

  • Match your social names across all platforms (as much as possible)
  • Check that social names aren’t too long, or full of underscores and periods. This makes them very hard to search. Example: @____new_leaf_
  • Optimize your bios on each platform so customers can easily tell that you are the same business no matter where they find you

That’s it for this post! If you’re ready for more small business marketing tips then come over to Instagram and Pinterest and let’s connect! You can also join my mailing list, I post new marketing content each Monday. And have a great week!

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