Social Media: One of the Most Powerful Small Business Marketing Tools

Never feel like you’re wasting time when you post about your brand, here’s why.
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Your time as a small business owner is spent on the many competing aspects of running your brand. It is very easy to put marketing, including social media, on the back burner in favor of other activities.

The most powerful marketing tools I found while operating my family’s business were the ones that ran in the background once I’d set them in motion. These included Google My Business, review platforms (Yelp / TripAdvisor), our website, and social media.

Social media might appear to be a high-touch marketing tool that is not worth the effort. This is especially true with the buzz around reels, videos, and long-form content that can appear time-consuming and difficult.

But today, I want to make a case for why social media is actually one of the most powerful organic marketing tools for many small businesses. It is possible for you to maximize the potential of these tools without spending hours a day online.

I talk more about how to do so in posts like this one on Instagram marketing. By the end of this article, you’ll have a clear understanding of powerful ways social media can do to propel your brand forward.

So why use social media for your business?

Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, Facebook, these platforms aren’t just for individual users or giant brands. But how does a small business stand out amongst the noise and endless posts? And why bother?

Social media allows you to control the perception of your brand

There are millions of people online right now. Because of this, we can assume there are either conversations happening about your brand, or there is the possibility to create conversation. Being at the center of the discussion rather than letting it happen without you makes a giant difference in perception.

You can drive the discussion about your product and even your industry, positioning yourself as a source of knowledge and inspiration.

Social media is the easiest place to connect with customers online

With rare exception, your customers are definitely on social media platforms. These platforms allow for connections and community to be built like no other place online.

If you are a restaurant, the community you can build around food and friendship is limitless! If you’re a house painter, the trust you can build with potential clients who can see your work process is unparalleled.

Social media acts like your digital customer service desk

Your brand’s social media presence can take on whatever form you envision for it. One way I like to think of it is that your social media acts as a type of customer service desk. Customers can come up to you anytime in this low pressure setting and have their questions and concerns answered.

What’s more, customers can see the products you sell and fall in love with your artistic process. Or people might see the way you love your community and decide to shop with you based on your values. The high level of visibility these platforms allow is incredible! So why not give it a try?

That’s it for this post! If you’re ready for more small business marketing tips then come over to Instagram and Pinterest and let’s connect! You can also join my mailing list, I share small business marketing insights like this every Monday. And have a great week!

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