How to Start Social Media for Your Small Business

Put your brand out there and start getting noticed!

This week I’m sharing 4 tried and true tips for starting up your small business social media profiles. If you’re on the fence about whether to start business accounts for your brand, the answer is, do it! Social media is a powerful driver for organic (or paid) marketing, and you don’t need to be an Instagram guru to win sales and woo customers online.

If you need more convincing, check out my post on why social media is such a powerful small business marketing tool. And when you’re ready, read on for my 4 tips to get started!

Pick your platforms

Trying to be on every single platform can feel overwhelming, and might even keep you from getting started. Instead, choose platform(s) that resonate with your audience and give the greatest return on investment for your time. Not sure where to start? Peek around to see where your competitors are thriving or where your customers are going to find information about your industry.

Flip through Tiktok, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms to see where your customers are hanging out. Service-based brands like restaurants might be best suited for Facebook and Instagram. Alternatively, skincare or clothing brands might see huge results from Tiktok and Pinterest.

The bottom line? Why post for 5 followers on Twitter when 500 eager followers might be waiting for you on Instagram!On the flipside, social media growth takes time. I encourage you not to give up on a platform you haven’t been on long simply because of a low follower count. For ideas on trouble-shooting a slow growing social media account, check out my blog on why your social media might be stagnant.

Make sure to add the important details to your profiles

A lot of brands leave off contact information and basic brand information from their profiles. (Facebook accounts might be the biggest culprits). Be sure to include your phone number, address, “About” section, links to other social profiles, your website, and anything else that is relevant to the platform.

Choose your content wisely

Post content that your audience cares about! Your audience might love videos of best-selling menu items, product how-to’s, store tours, tips and tricks, you name it. Test out content and see what sticks. Adapt to what is working, and leave behind the rest. Write down ideas that come to mind throughout the week so you can create content as time allows.

Build a sustainable posting schedule

This brings me to the last tip, which is to choose a posting schedule that is sustainable over time. Avoid posting every day for a week and then leaving your page silent for a month or two. Instead, choose a schedule that fits with your overall workflow and stick to it. Consistency is a huge piece of competing for customer’s attention online.

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