Here’s How to Market Your Small Business Online in 2022

Use this checklist as a helpful starting point for marketing your small business online. Let’s get your digital marketing off and running!

How to Leverage Your Store’s Unique Location Through Your Marketing

Hi all my location-based brands! This week I am sharing knowledge around how to market your store’s location as a unique differentiator for your business.

3 Organic Marketing Strategies for Location-Based Brands

Here are the general guidelines I share with location-based brands who are looking to get their advertising off the ground. These tried and true strategies are powerful marketing tools to help propel your business towards your sales goals in 2022.

How to Respond to Complaints on Social Media

No matter how wonderful your business or service, you will get occasional complaints on social media. Here is a general, effective way to respond to public complaints online.

Organic Marketing: Building Connections with Your Audience

Building audience connection 101. When it comes to engaging with potential customers through social media, authenticity always shines through. Here are three ways you can build connections through your brand’s platforms.

How to Market a Small Business for Free

Did you know there are ways to market your small business without spending money? Here are three different tactics you can leverage to promote your product or service for free.

Small Business Saturday Marketing Ideas

Here are three ideas for how to talk about your small business on your social media during the week of Thanksgiving, to help build momentum for Small Business Saturday.